Flab or Fab – My 6 Week Journey

Flab or Fab – My 6 Week Journey

Anyone who knows me really well will tell you I should be at least 20 stone for the amount of rubbish I eat.  When I was younger I was ‘lucky’ to be called skinny and lanky and could eat all around me never putting on an ounce!  Fast forward to my mid thirties (yes I’m 35… how did that happen!) with two babies aged 3 and 2 and I can no longer get away with eating all around me – doesn’t stop me mind you – but I’ve decided I finally need to cop on and start making some changes!

Not only do I love my junk food but I don’t exercise.. ever…  I tried the gym once and a couple of workout classes but felt faint…during the warm ups…morto!  I did Pilates for a while and absolutely loved it but I have scoliosis, a bulging disc and sciatica so while I thought I was helping to strengthen my situation, it actually caused more damage exacerbating the inflammation even further.

I had my two babies 15 months apart and also suffered really badly with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) throughout both pregnancies.  Any woman who has gone through this will tell you it’s like getting a steel toe cap boot into the lady parts every time you move.  Sorry for the TMI but it is absolute torture and no-one or nothing can help… So for more than a year after my second baby, I was in and out of hospital for numerous epidurals and physio appointments to try and manage the pain.  Now I am relatively pain free but as you can imagine am terrified of doing any form of exercise in case I relapse back to that nightmare!

Now to finally get my ass in gear, I’ve signed up with Donna of Donna Fitz Fit Life for a 6 week challenge to try and transform my ‘sure you must have something nice with that cup of tea’ and ‘go on you deserve that tube of Pringles and Slab of Chocolate for dinner because the kids drove you insane today’, lazy ways!


In order to help myself break out of a lifetime of bad habits I’m going to shame myself into not quitting!!  So I’m sharing my BEFORE state of affairs with the world because I need all the motivation I can get to become fitter, stronger and more energetic to live this hectic life I lead!

BEFORE: Here I am in all my, mama of two, unfiltered, knickerbocker glory!

I will be keeping you all updated below on this Blog Post and also on Snapchat to see if I can finally get Fit and Healthy so keep checking in!

First Food Shop!

WEEK 1 (Start Weight – 62kg, Waist – 31 Inches, Feeling – Determined!)

MONDAY: Woke up with the vomiting bug… not an ideal start to my 6 Week Plan!  In the words of my friend who was also suffering ‘it hurt to be alive’, I can’t remember the last time I was so ill.  After several attempts to get up out of bed, twice only making it across the hall to my daughter’s bed, I finally crawled down the stairs at 5pm.  COMPLETE WRITE OFF!!

TUESDAY: Still not 100%, ate some toast, dragged myself into the Craft Room for a few hours as I did not want to be falling behind on orders, kids came home from creche, jumped all over me on the couch, dinner, shower, bed!

WEDNESDAY: Hubby off work today, took full advantage of the situation and had a lie in (LIE IN REMEMBER THEM?!!) slept on a bit too long though and was in a panic to get to Sewing Class, no time for brekkie, grabbed a banana.. OH GOD ALREADY OFF PLAN…!  Sent Hubby off in the afternoon to do the Food Shop with my new very specific list and he did great!! Back on plan for the evening – HOORAY!

THURSDAY: Today was spent eating every 2 hours and peeing every 2 minutes!  This was my first day following my plan from morning to night and I did not feel hungry once.  I did, however, start to crave chocolate by the afternoon but I got through it by telling myself to Stop Fooling Myself and Start Fuelling Myself!  My main goal is to have more energy by feeding myself correctly so once I keep reminding myself of this I should hopefully stay on plan!

FRIDAY: My daughter now has the vomiting bug.. what a rotten week of it..! Wrecked, practically up since 4am…spent the morning catching up in the Craft Room while Hubby was home and the rest of the day scrubbing, cleaning, food prep and admin work..  This week is really testing me with 3 doses of that god awful bug, trying to keep on top of my workload, Mama duties and starting this new meal plan but I’m proud of myself for staying on it!  Instead of rewarding myself with a Bottle of Wine, Tube of Pringles and Chocolate, I’m going to go online shopping instead!

SATURDAY: Woke up with a stuffy head today…the sickness continues.. managed to get out for a walk on the beach with the kids (only exercise I’ve done all week but I’m not on a training plan…yet!).  Went to a Makeup Class by Gina of Flawless Beauty tonight and fell off the wagon.. had a glass of wine, cocktail sausages and some chocolates… but sure look I don’t get out much!!

SUNDAY: Absolutely miserable today with a head cold or flu.. not sure what it is but it’s after knocking me for six.. all alone with the babies again today so priority number 1 is survival until bedtime! Was too unwell to leave the house so I kept them entertained with movies and goodies and because I was feeling so low I joined in and also had some goodies and… a pizza for dinner.. Was.just.not.able.today!  Our DFFL Support Group is great for encouragement and I feel better that I wasn’t the only one to give in to temptation this week… we’re only human!!  We’ve been told to draw a line under it, tomorrow is another day and we can get back on track!










WEEK 2 (Current Weight – 61.7kg, Waist – 30 Inches, Feeling – Hopeful!)

MONDAY: Still all stuffed up but I seem to be down roughly 1lb from last week and my waist has reduced by 1 inch so that’s making me feel a little better! Did the Food Shop this morning for the week and did some Prep for my lunch and dinner for the next two days.  I also hope to add in some exercise this week!!

TUESDAY: This head cold just isn’t going away.. I don’t feel well enough yet to start exercising but I did stick to my meal plan all day.  I was very busy with work today so it was great to have all my meals prepared, otherwise I would have stuffed my face with crisps and chocolate just to get by like I used to… Small changes, big impact!

WEDNESDAY: Today was cruel.. I’m not sure what has taken hold of me.. flu or sinusitis but I could barely lift my head up, not great when you have two toddlers to look after… I stuck to my main meals as they were prepped but I did not have any of my snacks.. I can’t even think about exercise, had to cancel both my sewing class and my lash appointment today so things must be bad…

THURSDAY: Still unwell and now with a nasty cough.. today is my second prep day of the week but it just didn’t happen.. was good for breakfast and lunch but dinner was a disaster…. Please God give me my health back soon so I can keep on top of this plan…!

FRIDAY: For the first time this week I managed to leave the house today.  I went to get my hair colour done in the hopes I’ll be well enough to go on a Hen this weekend but I’m still not feeling 100%… Hubby is off work today so he’s helping to keep me on my meal plan!

SATURDAY: Woke up still feeling crappy.. so I made the bold decision to come off my meal plan and comfort eat all the carbs for the weekend to try and build myself back up!  On top of that I’m absolutely gutted to not be going on the Hen as I was really looking forward to it.. so I also feel a chocolate binge coming on…

SUNDAY: Hubby back to work so it was another case of survival until bedtime!  Absolutely no energy in my body today.. plan is just to keep the poor kids entertained indoors.  Took the easy route and had pasta bake for dinner but I have all my food bought in for the week so tomorrow I’m ready to get back to prep!!


WEEK 3 (Current Weight – 61kg, Waist – 29.5 Inches, Feeling – Better!)

MONDAY: Despite being unwell the last two weeks, my figures seem to be going in the right direction – phew!  I am down almost 1.5 pounds (still can’t get used to kg!!) and have lost half an inch off my waist since last week.  Time to get Meal Prepping now for the week ahead and hopefully start to feel healthier and a lot more energised!

TUESDAY: Stuck to my plan today – eating all my meals and snacks but Storm PMT is brewing and I, without evening thinking, dug my hand into the kids bag of buttons and put a fistful in my mouth…

WEDNESDAY: The struggle for a chocolate fix is real today… I did eat good all day but I had the misfortune of opening the cupboard this evening and coming across an open bag of Minstrels and I won’t lie.. one or two might have fallen in my mouth….. again…!

THURSDAY: Working from home makes it easy for me to stick to plan as I only have to run in and out of the Kitchen to grab my prepared meals and snacks, not sure how good I would be though if I was still working in an office…!!

FRIDAY: Today is Grandad’s birthday so I know I will be indulging in a slice of birthday cake later.. I am sticking to my meals though so I don’t completely fall off the wagon! 

SATURDAY: Okay so my weekend isn’t going too great.. myself and the Hubby ended up going through two bottles of wine last night.. and this evening we went out to Dinner for Grandad’s Birthday with the kids.  I think if you’re out for dinner you might aswell enjoy it.. so yes I had the works – Goats Cheese Crostini, Huge Burger and Chips even some of the kids dinner and their dessert and two glasses of wine… PIG! But it just got worse because afterwards I went out on the town with the girls and drank ALL the alcohol… Wine, Beer, Shots, Skittle Bombs, Smirnoff Ices.. like seriously I’ve no self control!!

SUNDAY: As you can imagine I died a cruel slow painful death today… Couldn’t even eat until the evening time after we had bathed and put the kids to bed.. my poor Hubby is a Saint putting up with me and even drove into town to get me Curry Chips and a can of Coke at 9pm!!  Tomorrow’s weigh in and pictures should be FUN! Not…



WEEK 4 (Current Weight – 62kg, Waist – 28.5 Inches, Feeling – Bold!)

MONDAY: Okay I fully deserved putting back on those 2lbs but surprisingly my waist is measuring an inch smaller than last week so the rest of the week must have stood to me.  I’m ready now to get some wholesome food back into me today and get my meal prep done for the next few days.

TUESDAY: Valentine’s Day.. how to get through the day without eating some chocolate.. I’ve lasted all day but there is a Box of Lindor staring at me and I might have to have one with a cup of tea when the Hubby comes home from work for the day that’s in it…!  Update – yes I did have some chocolates but I got a walk in earlier with the double buggy – it’s all about Balance right!?!

WEDNESDAY: I’m actually really enjoying my dinner lately, it’s practically the same thing every single night – all I do is change up the spices – but I don’t feel like I’m missing the heavy carb dinners I used to always have!  It’s more the sweet tooth I’m struggling to keep in check…

THURSDAY: Busy day working at home all day today but having my meals prepped kept me on plan!

FRIDAY: Was doing great again today until one of my customers gave me a box of chocolates when collecting her order.. sure it would be rude not to have one or two or…

SATURDAY: Had a glorious lie in until 10.30am this morning!!!! That is the latest I’ve slept in years, hubby brought me brekkie in bed and I got to watch one of my recorded shows in peace while he cleaned the house!! Eh.. is it Mother’s Day already? hmm no he’s going out with the lads tonight!! Anyway I took the kids away for the rest of the day to Jungle World, did a bit of homeware shopping – mama has to have her fun too! By the time we got home it was too late to make them a dinner… so I caved and got a takeaway from Apache Pizza…FAIL!  I have a Cloggers Bloggers (Cork Bloggers) Event tomorrow from 12pm-6pm in the Cork International Hotel which includes a 3 course meal so it’s safe to say this weekend is a write off.. again!

SUNDAY: Had a great day today at the Cloggers Bloggers Event, met loads of great girls, learned loads and ate loads… tomorrow is another day!



WEEK 5 (Current Weight – 61.3kg, Waist – 28.5 Inches, Feeling – Determined yet again!!)

MONDAY: I’m down roughly 1lb, my waist is measuring in the same as last week but my clothes are actually feeling a little looser!  This news is now spurring me on to make a better effort over the next couple of weeks.  I have a Wedding in March so went out today to buy a dress and ended up buying one a little bit on the tight side…I might really regret that decision yet but I’m hoping this will also act as an incentive to keep me on the straight and narrow!! I’m beginning to feel somewhat normal again after being unwell for the last few weeks so I’m going to start doing my physio workouts (finally!!) and am aiming for 3 times this week!

TUESDAY: I was starting to dread my morning eggs so Donna kindly tweaked my Meal Plan for me today.  I’m delighted as there is nothing on it now that is off putting to me!  Every little things helps the cause!

WEDNESDAY: I stuck to plan today even though I was extra hungry all day for some unknown reason, I couldn’t wait for my meal and snack times to come around!! Oink

THURSDAY: My main goal when starting this plan was not so much to lose weight but to feel more energetic.  For the first time in a long time I felt good today and was not drained by the evening time when I normally would be – #winning!

FRIDAY: I had myself totally convinced that I was going to do 3 workouts this week but it never happened… I’m so busy with craft orders, the Blog, upcoming Events and being a Mama I genuinely had no time left.. I know Excuses, Excuses…

SATURDAY: Today was the Eimear Varian Barry Event with Afternoon Tea at Electric Bar, so veered off plan today.. was good for breakfast though!

SUNDAY: Had an awful craving for Pancakes today so gave in to it and had some this morning, but it’s out of my system now and I won’t want them on Pancake Tuesday and will stick to my meal prep – valid rationale??! I always seem to go off plan at the weekends anyway.. think it’s my own way of coping knowing I’ve treats to look forward to and then I find I am ready to eat well again by Monday!










WEEK 6 (Current Weight – 60.6kg, Waist – 28 Inches, Feeling – Happy!)

MONDAY: I’m down around 2lbs since last week and have lost another half inch from my waist! I’m happy with that but not happy that I’m on the final week and still haven’t done any form of exercise.. I need to make time this week and fit in some workouts!

TUESDAY: I started doing some of my Physio stretches and light weight exercises today and already my calves and arms are killing me!! ha so unfit!

WEDNESDAY: Today I gave a talk at the St. Aloysius Career Day about my Business and Blog – not an easy thing to do standing in front of a large group of Students so I celebrated my survival with an Easter Egg this evening… I deserved it… I did!!

THURSDAY: Meal Prep today for the rest of the week to keep me on track! Although Saturday is a write off already as I’m being treated to a VIP Bloggers Breakfast and Lunch as part of the #corkfashiontrail Event – it’s a hard life!!

FRIDAY: Had all my main meals but missed some of snacks today purely just because I was busy.. My water intake wasn’t great either today so I need to get back on track on with that! 

SATURDAY: Today was full of croissants, prosecco, cakes and finger food on the #corkfashion trail but it was completely worth it – such a great day out!

SUNDAY: As usual I tend to go off plan at the weekends and had a Pizza for dinner… not able to be good today after all the Cocktails last night!  Even though my 6 Week Plan ends tomorrow I have a wedding coming up in 2 weeks time so will definitely be back on plan tomorrow!  I’m determined to fit into that Size 10 dress!!











My Goals at the start of this plan were primarily to have more energy, to get down to a Size 10, reduce bloating and tone up (everywhere!)  My BMI was healthy at 22.5 so weight wasn’t a concern for me on this plan – but I had put up 4lbs over Christmas so to lose even half of this would be an added bonus!


BEFORE: Weight 62kg, Waist 31 Inches, Hips 39 Inches, Thighs 22 Inches, Biceps 12 Inches

AFTER: Weight 60.7kg, Waist 28 Inches, Hips 37 Inches, Thighs 21 Inches, Biceps 11 Inches

So overall I lost almost 3lbs, reduced my waist by 3 inches, my hips by 2 inches and my thighs and biceps by 1 inch each.  I hit most of my goals – the only downfall being on the toning and exercise which is purely down to me being too busy to make time for myself… I probably only exercised twice over the whole 6 week period but it goes to show that just by eating right you can still get results!


I’m obviously delighted with these results particularly as I was no Angel when it came to my Meal Plan.  I stuck to it most of the time on weekdays but as every weekend came around I completely relaxed it and basically ate all the things I felt I was missing out on during the week like pizza, chocolate, pringles and wine… but in some strange way this seems to be working for me!

I think it’s because once Monday comes around and it is time to take my progress pictures and measurements I feel all motivated again to eat well for the week ahead.  I actually want to get back to good eating and don’t want to feel all sluggish and bloated… It would be great for the bloating situation if I could cut back on the junk but to be honest I will never not have that dessert when I’m eating out or not buy a bucket of popcorn at the cinema – I’m just not that person – I like my treats too much!!

Having said all that, I will definitely keep going the way I have been to maintain these current measurements and weights which I am now happy with.  I do need to start making time for myself somewhere between my babies, my business and my blog to do some workouts.  Not only does a mother need some ‘Me Time’ but I should be doing my physio exercises anyway to help strengthen my already weakened back and if I manage to tone up at the same time well that will just be the icing on the cake!

Did someone say cake…

Thanks for stopping by x






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